Rubik's Cube

This is the classic Rubik's Cube game. In this game there is a cube composed of 27 blocks (9 blocks on each face), you need to rotate the rows of blocks until the colours of the blocks in each of the faces are the same. A tips will be provided to tell you

Rubik's Snake  v.1.1.2

Twist, flip and rotate - indulge in the fascinating 3D puzzle of Rubik's Snake!


3D Rubik's Cube Game  v.1.1

3D Rubik's Cube Game is a math puzzle game that develops critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills.

Simple Rubik's Cube Timer  v.

Simple timer application which can be used to measure the time it takes to solve a Rubik's Cube.

Rubik's® Cube  v.

What’s New in 1.2: New sale price! We’ve lowered the cost of Rubik’s Cube for more people to enjoy! We’ve changed the way the trial works. Now you can fully explore and solve the 2x2x2 cube before you buy the game. The #1 best selling toy of

Rubik Widget  v.1.1

This is yet another implementation of the classical Rubik's Cube.

Rubik Puzzle  v.1.0.1

Rubik Puzzle is a computer version of the puzzle popular in the early 1980s.

Arcus - Rubik's Cube Simulator  v.0.3.2

Arcus is a Rubik's Cube Simulator written in Java featuring 3D display and cube manipulation.

Rubik's Clock  v.1.0

This game is played using a box, which has nine clocks on both sides. There are four wheels at the corners of the box, which can be turned to rotate the clocks. Four push buttons are available to to control which clocks rotate.

Ultimate Magic Cube  v.1 21

Ultimate Magic Cube (UMC) is a computer program that lets you create your own Rubik's cube like puzzles. This program is for the true Rubik enthusiast who can't get enough of the twisty puzzles.

Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver

SuDoku began its attack on the nation last year, and versions can now be found in four national newspapers. Addicts are as obsessed as 1980s teenagers fixated on the Rubik's cube. Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver can create unlimited number of new puzzles

CubeTwister  v.

CubeTwister is a companion to the Rubik's Cube. It is suited for beginners, cube lovers, speed-cubers and mathematicians.

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